Diablo Cody's Paradise Set for DirectTV Release Next Week

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Diablo Cody's <i>Paradise</i> Set for DirectTV Release Next Week

Juno’s Oscar-winning screenwriter Diablo Cody is set to make her directorial debut in a quite unusual fashion. While Paradise is set to hit theaters in October, Cody announced today via Twitter that fans actually won’t even need to leave the house to check out her upcoming film, as Paradise will make its way to DirectTV on Aug. 8.

“Most directors force you to LEAVE THE HOUSE to see their movie, you can watch mine naked with a bag of Mint Milanos.” It does sound pretty enticing when you put it that way, and while a trailer for the film hasn’t yet been released, Cody has given a bit of insight as to what to expect from the film.

The film centers around a young Christian girl named Lamb (Julliane Hough), who survives a devastating plane crash but suffers brutal burns and loses her faith in the process. In the midst of her spiritual crisis, Lamb adventures to Las Vegas to explore a life of sin and indulgence—befriending a craps dealer (Octavia Spencer) and a bartender (Russell Brand) along the way. A mustache-less Nick Offerman and Holly Hunter play Lamb’s overbearing, conservative parents who promote a Footloose-esque lifestyle that’s free of sin.

“If you have ever been through something incredibly difficult such as this kind of injury, you know it’s hard to stay positive and not surrender to cynicism completely,” Cody told USAToday. “I wanted to make a non-cynical movie that would inspire positivity.”

The film—originally titled Lamb of God—will hit DirectTV next Thursday for those who can’t contain their desire to immediately view this film. However, those with a bit more patience have the option of waiting until Oct. 18 when it makes a limited run in U.S. theaters.