Ed Helms to Produce Upcoming ABC Comedy

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Ed Helms to Produce Upcoming ABC Comedy

Ed Helms’ stock has been rising fairly swiftly over the past few years. With starring roles in The Hangover trilogy and The Office, Helms went from a beloved Daily Show correspondent to a bonafide comedy star. Now that The Office has completed its run, Helms has some time freed up for additional projects, and he certainly wasted no time in returning to television. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Helms just recently signed on to produce an untitled comedy series for ABC.

Helms will be teaming up with writer Mike Arnold (Archer) for the upcoming single-camera comedy that centers on an attorney who loses her fiancé and job at the city’s top law firm and later joins the not-so-respectable rival firm across the street.

Arnold will serve as an executive producer on the series as well, alongside Ed Helms and Mike Falbo. While the series has yet to confirm any sort of production dates, it has received a script commitment from ABC.

ABC also ordered scripts for another new comedy recently, one from My Name Is Earl writer-producer Danielle Sanchez-Witzel, based on a young woman whose life begins to plummet and her younger sister takes her in, hoping to have a “front-row seat” to her decline.