M.I.A. Previews New Single "Come Walk With Me"

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M.I.A. Previews New Single "Come Walk With Me"

M.I.A. has just released a snippet of the revamped version of her single “Come Walk With Me” as a teaser for her forthcoming album Matangi. “Come Walk With Me” is the first single off the highly anticipated album, which is set for release on Nov. 5.

She initially released a preview of the track last year. However, this most recent version of “Come Walk With Me” is much sweeter and slower without losing any of the punch of the original.

M.I.A. will release the full version of “Come Walk With Me” on Sept. 3. Along with her latest album, she plans to release a documentary also titled Matangi. Interscope, M.I.A.’s label, delayed the release of her album—initially due for this past spring—as a result of continued disagreements with the artist, who threatened to leak the album.

Listen to the preview of “Come Walk With Me” here.