Listen to of Montreal's New Single "she ain't speaking now"

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Listen to of Montreal's New Single "she ain't speaking now"

Georgia’s psychedelic pop act of Montreal are prepping for the release of their 12th studio album lousy with sylvianbriar. Earlier this summer the band released the lead single “fugitive air” and have since announced a full U.S. tour in support of the album. Today the band shared a brand new song from their forthcoming album with Rolling Stone titled “she ain’t speaking now.”

“she ain’t speaking now” is a brief burst of unraveling energy from the prolific band. The track begins with a slow-churning acoustic guitar and a restrained melody from vocalist Kevin Barnes. But the crew wastes no time in pumping a burst of energy into the track as distorted guitars and bouncing vocal lines rush into the mix.

“I wrote the song when both my wife and daughter were bedridden with a terrible illness,” Kevin Barnes told Rolling Stone. Barnes’ lyricism gives the listener a vivid image of his family as he sings of “watching the pillowcase soaking with sweat around your head.”

“It was during the middle of our recording sessions for sylvianbriar,” Barnes said. “So I was pretty paranoid about catching what they had. I would sort of hold my breath whenever I was near them. I wrote the song while fearing the worst. Fortunately, they both recovered.”

lousy with sylvianbriar is set for an Oct. 8 release on Polyvinyl.