M.I.A.'s Leak Threat Prompts November Release for Matangi

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Threaten to leak and you shall receive.

M.I.A.’s highly anticipated fourth studio album, Matangi, seems to have been sitting on the shelf for months now. The LP was expected to drop this fall, but the lack of an official release date prompted M.I.A. to threaten to leak the album herself. Here’s what she had to say about the album and her U.S. record label Interscope:



After releasing two new tracks earlier this year, “”Bring The Noize and “”Only 1 U, M.I.A. mentioned that Interscope refused to release the album because it was “too positive.” “It’s not easy, it’s not easy. I keep finishing it and handing it in, finishing it and handing it in,” she said. (NME)

Pitchfork confirmed today that the singer and her record label have finally reached an agreement. The album will be released Nov. 5 of this year.

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