Microsoft, Ubi Partner to Create Touchscreens for Any Surface

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Microsoft, Ubi Partner to Create Touchscreens for Any Surface

For some people it may not be enough to paw at their smartphones, tapping out messages, gawking at a book of faces and launching angry birds at green pigs all day. For many, the love of touchscreens knows no bounds and smartphones are far too limiting. They need walls. And tabletops. And floors.

For those people (and those who have classes to teach and important meetings to conduct), Microsoft and UBI have partnered up to create a system that can turn any surface into a touchscreen, according to Time magazine.

The system is called UBI Interactive and uses a combination of Microsoft’s Kinect for Windows motion sensor and UBI’s software that allows for the screen to distinguish between hand movements made near the screen and gestures made by actually touching the screen in order to control it.

In order to use the system, however, you’ll need the following: a digital projector, a computer with UBI’s software and a Kinect motion sensor. Which, given the price of a UBI Interactive system at its most basic level is $149, given that a Kinect motion sensor is $250 and bearing in mind the minimum pricing for a projector would be $100-200; the total would be around $500-600, not including the price of a computer if you don’t have one already.

UBI Interactive is currently available for purchase via UBI’s website. You can view the company’s introduction to UBI Interactive in the video below.