Press Select Publishing Label to Deliver Long-Form Videogame Books

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Press Select Publishing Label to Deliver Long-Form Videogame Books

Videogame critics Brendan Keogh and Dan Golding have formally launched Press Select, an independent publishing label that aims to produce extensive, long-form videogame criticism. The two critics boast a unique pricing model that promises a 50 percent royalty to the author per copy and a platform that embraces the current publishing market’s demand for DRM-free digital books in a variety of formats.

“It’s been really exciting to see the changes that videogame criticism has seen over the last few years,” says Golding, whose game-centric journalism earned him a Microsoft IT Journalism Award in 2012. “These are changes that have gone hand-in-hand with the medium itself, and the kinds of conversations people now want to have about videogames. With Press Select, we’re really hoping to augment the ways that people talk and think about videogames.”

Keogh, whose 2012 book Killing is Harmless: A Critical Reading of Spec Ops: The Line helped kick-start long-form written analysis of individual videogames, anticipates that other gaming critics will realize the potential of such in-depth examination of the culture.

“I’m much more excited to see what other people would write about if given the opportunity to write a whole book about a single game,” says Keogh. “I want to see how they would approach it. Press Select is that opportunity.”

According to Press Select’s website, several key industry names have already expressed their interest in publishing for Press Select. Brainy Gamer’s Michael Abbot, Kotaku’s Patricia Hernandez, Paste contributor Maddy Myers, designer/critic Robert Yang, Kill Screen co-founder Chris Dahlen, Edge features editor Jason Killingsworth and critic/developer Tim Rogers have already jumped on board to write books for the label.

Keogh and Golding anticipate Press Select’s first release by early 2014.