Peter Hook Hopes to Release Trashed Joy Division, New Order Tapes

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Peter Hook Hopes to Release Trashed Joy Division, New Order Tapes

Peter Hook, the former bassist for Joy Division and New Order, says there is a stash of master tapes filled with material from the two bands—and if it were up to him, those tapes would be in stores today. Hook is currently in talks to purchase the tapes from Julia Adamson, former member of another British post-punk band The Fall, who said she salvaged the recordings from a trash can at Factory Records. But Hook says the process of releasing this material to the public won’t be easy.

”[I’m] at loggerheads with New Order,” the band’s ex-bassist told Pitchfork in a recent interview. “I’m contesting their right to the trademark – so everything to do with Joy Division is stopped whilst that is sorted out.” Hook and the members of New Order had a bit of a falling out recently after the band reunited and kicked off a tour without him.

But eager Joy Division fans yearning for new Ian Curtis material probably shouldn’t get their hopes up. The hidden stash might include a master copy of the band’s debut Unknown Pleasures, but Hook doesn’t expect to find anything more.

“There are so little outtakes from the Joy Division era,” Hook said. “We didn’t have much money … so we were very thrifty in how we recorded.” Hook considers himself a bit of a hobbyist when it comes to digging up audio artifacts, and if there were substantial amounts of unreleased Joy Division material floating about, he says he would’ve heard about it.

Earlier this year Hook released Unknown Pleasures: Inside Joy Division, a book that describes the band’s history. He goes on tour with his band The Light next month.