Watch Phosphorescent Play Dress-Up in "Ride On/Right On" Video

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Watch Phosphorescent Play Dress-Up in "Ride On/Right On" Video

In the most recent music video from Phosphorescent, frontman Matthew Houck dons a costume that channels his inner Wild Wild West-er.

The nearly four-minute clip for “Ride On/Right On” follows a simple route visually, featuring a direct shot of the Southern-born singer ambling around in his darkened apartment while showing off some truly yee-haw-worthy cowboy threads. Houck croons to the camera before heading out to his balcony as a gorgeous fireworks display bursts over the river, enjoying the celebration through a series of up-close-and-personal shots before tipping his hat to viewers at the end.

“Ride On/Right On” isn’t Houck’s first venture into directing. He also took the reins on Phosphorescent’s last music video for the powerful track “Song for Zula.” Alongside Djuna Wahlrab, Houck chronicled a cavewoman’s struggle to free herself from captivity in a stark five minutes.

Now, check out Matt Houck’s best John Wayne in “Ride On/Right On” below.