Download This: Pivo

An app that helps you get buzzed abroad

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Download This: Pivo

Beer is the drink the entire world says cheers with and Pivo is the app to help you do it. Part travel companion, drinking buddy and language tool—the app teaches you how to order a beer in 59 different languages.

The iOS app was created by Justin Amey and Ollie Hepworth after a trip to Prague found them struggling to order a beer in the local language. The idea was born and the app was named after the Czech word for beer in honor of their inspiration.


From Turkish to Tagolog, Pivo allows you to easily swipe between languages. The app includes the phrase for how to order a beer written in the local alphabet, as well as phonetically in English. Additionally, many of the languages are accompanied by videos of native speakers demonstrating perfect pronunciation. There’s no need to worry about international data rates adding to the price of your beer either, the app doesn’t require Wi-Fi to access the slides or videos.


Pivo was designed by Walker Agency, a branding and marketing firm out of Bournemouth, England—and the app’s design is as impressive as the app’s functionality. The simple layout addresses one important possible predicament: how easy it is to use after a few pints…or pitchers. Minimalist icons symbolizing each language removes any confusion with identifying the one you’re after.

Pivo really is the perfect app to help you get buzzed abroad. Next time you’re trying to order a beer in Yiddish, it can help you get a drink in your hand without charades or gibberish.

Platform: iOS
Developer: Justin Amery
Price: $0.99
Download Now: iTunes