Rashida Jones, Rob Lowe to Leave Parks & Recreation

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Rashida Jones, Rob Lowe to Leave <i>Parks & Recreation</i>

We’ve heard a lot of big news about Pawnee and its various celebrity sightings, but sadly Parks & Recreation’s upcoming season won’t be defined by its high-profile cameos. BuzzFeed reported yesterday that the sixth season of Parks & Recreation will also be the last for stars Rashida Jones and Rob Lowe. Literally the saddest way to start your day.

Lowe and Jones’ departure will take place on the season’s 13th episode, presumably tied into last season’s story arc of Ann and Chris attempting to have a child. After news broke and the internet shed its subsequent crocodile tears, the show’s executive producer Mike Schur released a statement on the stars’ departure.

“We’ve been working on their storyline (on and off) for four seasons now, and heading into this year, with the two of them contemplating parenthood, it felt like a natural time to move them into the next phase.”

While Rob Lowe was originally only slated for a brief guest role—somewhere between six and eight episodes according to Schur’s statement—Rashida Jones was “one of the very first people we knew we wanted in the cast.”

However, we can take solace in a few facts. Deadline reports that NBC is finalizing development on a new series that would star Rob Lowe while Mike Schur assured fans that Ann Perkins will “certainly never be far from Pawnee.”