Spike Lee Shares Park Chan-wook's Reaction to Oldboy: "Make Your Own Film, Don't Remake Ours"

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When it was announced that Spike Lee was touching Park Chan-wook’s classic Oldboy, there was much bemoaning amongst fans of the 2003 Korean experience. Now that we’ve seen the poster and the red band trailer for Lee’s revamp, we can begin to guess how his version will compare to the original.

Toying with such a lauded film is surely nerve-wracking, and the remake hasn’t been without strong backlash, but what does the original Oldboy director think about it? After all, it’s his visionary tale that’s being resuscitated.

During an AMA on Reddit, Spike Lee said: “Before we started the shoot, Josh Brolin went to Park Chan-wook and asked for his blessing. He told Josh ‘you and Spike make your own film, don’t remake ours.’ And that’s what we did.”

While there were some elements in the remake that were Lee-esque, a few noted that the trailer seemed eerily similar to Chan-wook’s original. Still, there are differences that should set the two apart. So, both Oldboys can play nice now, right?

Well, as one commenter on Reddit suggests, Chan-wook’s response could be taken as chastising Lee and Brolin for attempting to remake his film. However, it’s easy to misinterpret text, so the real meaning ultimately lies between Chan-wook and Brolin and the rest—like pretty much everything else surrounding this Oldboy 2.0—is left up to speculation.

Regardless of our opinions, Lee’s version is making its way to theaters Nov. 27, when we’ll finally be able to see how his spin stacks up to its popular predecessor.

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