The Dead Weather at Work on New Songs

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The Dead Weather at Work on New Songs

It looks like Jack White is back in studio behind the drums, at least according to label Third Man Records. A tweet that went out yesterday announced: “working on new songs in the studio yesterday … (and searching for bodies).”

Because the band members are often tied to other musical commitments, it’s been a while since the Dead Weather released any new material. Their last album, Sea of Cowards, came out in 2010. Since then, White had been busy working on his solo debut, Blunderbuss, lead singer Alison Mosshart put out Blood Pressures with the Kills in 2011, while guitarist Dean Fertita and Queens of the Stone Age released their sixth album …Like Clockwork in June.

White, who primarily plays drums for the Dead Weather, told Rolling Stone in February that the band’s recording process depends essentially on the trace amounts of spare time they all have.

“Our things pick their place for us. We don’t really sit down and pick them. Like, the Kills make a record or Queens of the Stone Age makes a record, I make a record, and it all falls into place, you know?” It may take a while for new material to surface, since Fertita is scheduled to tour with Queens of the Stone Age in September.