Ricky Gervais Hopes for David Brent's Return in Office Spinoff Movie

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Ricky Gervais Hopes for David Brent's Return in <i>Office</i> Spinoff Movie

It’s been years since we said goodbye to Michael Scott and about a decade since his U.K. counterpart David Brent was on the air.

Although it looks like Steve Carell’s short reprisal of the Dunder Mifflin regional manager in the series finale will be the last we’ll see of Scott, we could be seeing Brent again soon.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, series’ creator Ricky Gervais said he would love to do a feature-length movie starring Brent’s character. Gervais said the film would focus on Brent attempting to make it in the music industry, an idea that came from a YouTube series Gervais recently did for charity titled Learn Guitar With David.

For now, however, this is only a hope as Gervais has not mentioned starting the pre-production process on the movie. Still, Gervais has a lot of other things in the works including a Netflix series and a new standup routine, according to THR.

For now, check out the YouTube series here.