The Snacking Dead Parody Cookbook Features Walking Dead-Inspired Recipes

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<i>The Snacking Dead</i> Parody Cookbook Features <i>Walking Dead</i>-Inspired Recipes

There are plenty of books, blogs and movies illustrating how to survive the impending zombie apocalypse, but The Snacking Dead by D.B. Walker is the first survival guide that makes the whole ordeal a treat for your taste buds.

The parody cookbook is based on the AMC hit series The Walking Dead and features apocalypse tips and recipes for the living. Bashing zombie brains burns a lot of calories, after all.

The book includes recipes like bacon and spinach-stuffed mushrooms and a three-cheese calzone. You also get lessons in which kitchen utensils make the best weapons for fending off the living dead.

The Snacking Dead will be available Oct. 29 through Clarkson Potter and available for pre-order on Amazon.

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