Watch Fiona Apple's Acoustic Rendition of "I Know"

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Watch Fiona Apple's Acoustic Rendition of "I Know"

A few weeks ago collaborators Fiona Apple and Blake Mills announced their upcoming fall tour through a brief, albeit quirky message. Mills worked with Apple on her 2012 album The Idler Wheel and toured with the musician in support of the album. In the duo’s tour announcement they quipped that “we have about 26% of an idea of what the fuck we will be playing for you.” But one can only hope that this stripped-down rendition of “I Know” making its way to the internet means that they’ll be bringing this gripping acoustic take on the road with them.

“I Know” is the album closer for Apple’s 1999 release When The Pawn…, and while the studio version is a piano ballad with swelling strings, the recently released video has been dialed back to just Blake Mills delicately picking on a classical guitar. Apple shares a couch with an older woman, holding her hand throughout the duration of the intimate performance and occasionally singing directly to her.

“That’s the best thing to happen…ever” remarks Apple after the performance comes to a close.