Watch Bryan Cranston's '80s Preparation H Commercial

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Watch Bryan Cranston's '80s Preparation H Commercial

Breaking Bad’s Bryan Cranston may forever be “the one who knocks, ” but, at one point in the ‘80s, it might have been to sell you hemorrhoid cream.

The evidence comes in the form of an unearthed commercial that features Cranston as its spokesman. Posted by YouTube user morrisonAV and cited by Buzzfeed, the young Cranston is shown peddling the “Oxygen Action” of Preparation H.

Of course, even the best of actors need that first job and this is far from the first revelation that Breaking Bad cast members have taken on strange roles in the early days of their career. Cranston revealed in his Reddit AMA in June that he’d voiced two separate monsters on The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers while Aaron Paul made an memorably enthusiastic appearance on The Price is Right in the late ‘90s.