Watch Passion Pit’s Taco Bell-Produced Documentary Hello Everywhere

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Watch Passion Pit&#8217;s Taco Bell-Produced Documentary <i>Hello Everywhere</i>

It was just over a year ago that some fans of Passion Pit were up in arms over a Taco Bell TV commercial that featured the song “Take A Walk” from their sophomore album, Gossamer. Well, Taco Bell has teamed up with the electro-pop band once again, this time with the 50-minute documentary Hello Everywhere, which details their 2013 South by Southwest trip.

The band’s continued association with the fast food chain has caused murmurs of discontent among fans, who accuse Passion Pit of committing indie music’s cardinal sin of selling out. But frontman Michael Angelakos sees the situation differently, and he insists that the relationship is hardly controversial.

“It’s not promoting celebrities or giant corporations or anything like that,” said Angelakos in an interview last year. “It’s just airtime … we just want people to hear the music at the end of the day.”