Yahoo Beats Google in Web Traffic

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Yahoo Beats Google in Web Traffic

According to a report published Wednesday by web analytics company comScore, Inc., Yahoo had surpassed Google in web traffic during the month of July.

In July, it seems Yahoo’s sites received a little over 4 million more unique visitors than Google’s sites with 196.6 million visitors. It is worth noting however that July’s rankings were determined without the following data: traffic data from Yahoo’s newest site, Tumblr and data from the use of search engines and mobile browsing, as USA Today points out. Microsoft sites were ranked third, Facebook fourth and AOL was ranked fifth.

But regardless of whether Tumblr views or mobile browsing counts or not, last month’s increase in traffic is still a victory for the changing Yahoo, newly led by Marissa Mayer. It’s another win for a company that recently purchased Tumblr and whose shares “have nearly doubled in value” since Mayer became CEO.