Arcade Fire's "Reflektor" Artwork Released

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Arcade Fire's "Reflektor" Artwork Released

Arcade Fire has just released the artwork for its new single “Reflektor,” which the band plans to release Sept. 9 on 12’’ vinyl.

The artwork features five figures against a psychedelic backdrop of multicolored leaves and stripes. The figures are wearing white suits (the sole female figure wears a dress). The band has put up a list of record stores that will carry the vinyl record on its Sept. 9 release.

The artwork release accompanies an announcement yesterday that the band will also release a music video to go with the single. Dutch director and photographer Anton Corbijn will direct the video.

Consequence of Sound pointed out Empire Records St. Albans’ tweet, which shows some details on the package. The tweet says the single includes a tracklist of 14 songs on the back, however, it’s also been mentioned that those words are “Reflektor” lyrics.

The actual record will only include “Reflektor” as well as an instrumental version of the single. Take a look at the artwork for “Reflketor” above (via Arcade FireTube which Tweeted the image originally posted by Grimey’s record store in Nashville).