Arcade Fire Releases Interactive "Reflektor" Video

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Click here to go straight to the video.

Update 2: As expected, Arcade Fire had a little more than just a single, interactive video, a regular video directed by Anton Corbijn and a guest appearance from David Bowie up its sleeve for the massive 9/9/9 promotion. No, that wouldn’t be grand enough. Tonight, the Arcade Fire store opened up a preorder for a new album dubbed…wait for it…Reflektor! We kinda figured.

As we knew before, it’s available on Oct. 29 through Merge Records. Preorder it here. And as rumored, Reflektor is a double album and the below image is the cover.


Update:   David Bowie  has confirmed that he provided backing vocals for the new Arcade Fire track “Reflektor” via his Facebook page. Arcade Fire also tweeted a link to a new video, which appears to be the Anton Corbijn-directed video. Check it out below.

Arcade Fire finally released its highly anticipated single “Reflektor” through a puzzling interactive video right at noon today. For those with both a computer with a webcam and a smartphone or tablet, get ready for a truly unique video premiere experience.

The release comes after months of the band hinting at a new single. It all started with a mysterious guerrilla marketing campaign at the beginning of July. Graffiti art bearing the single word “Reflektor” started showing up on buildings and sidewalks around the world. It was rumored that Arcade Fire was behind the campaign, and the band officially claimed responsibility for the artwork at the end of August. The band put up four giant versions of the “Reflektor” symbol on a building in NYC, with the words “Arcade Fire 9PM 9/9” written across the top.

Arcade Fire already confirmed via Twitter that their fourth album would be released Oct. 29. The group recorded the new album with LCD Soundsystem’s James Murphy at his DFA Studios in NYC. Prior to joining with DFA, Arcade Fire recorded their two previous albums Neon Bible and The Suburbs at a church in Farnham, Quebec. After the roof of the church collapsed, the band decided to put the building up for sale and began recording with Murphy as their producer. Back in March, the DFA Studio Twitter page wrote, “Arcade Fire STILL with us at DFA…This is going to be one great sounding album!”

And now, if you’ve got a smartphone and/or tablet and a computer with a webcam, you can stream the new single through this website dubbed “Just a Reflektor.” Check it out here, and let us know what you think in the comments section below. The whole process involves your devices “reflekting” into each other, allowing you to interact with the video later on. After this much hype, we wouldn’t expect anything less.

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