Consumers Can Pay "Line-Sitters" to Wait for New iPhones

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Consumers Can Pay "Line-Sitters" to Wait for New iPhones

Those eager to nab the new iPhone 5S or 5C who have a little extra cash to burn can now employ the services of “line-sitters.”

TaskRabbit, which is an agency that hires for odd jobs, has created this new service where users can pay people to stand in line for them. The service kicked off when Apple stores released the new phone models on Friday.

CNN reports that Apple has approved the TaskRabbit “Skip the Line” iPhone campaign, which requires that users take over from their line-sitters 10 minutes before they reach the beginning of the line.

Users pay their line-sitters through TaskRabbit via credit card. Though they can set their own rates, the agency suggests compensating line-sitters $14 per hour.