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An app that turns nearby iPhones into speakers

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Download This: TuneMob

The hardest part about getting a party started is the music, especially when it’s not big enough to bring in a professional DJ and some expensive speaker system. The TuneMob app might be the best solution yet to make a small music party with all your friends’ iPhones and iPads.

TuneMob is basically an app that broadcasts your music through multiple iDevices by using them as Bluetooth speakers. Instead of bringing a single, blocky speaker to a small house party, you could team up everyone’s iPhones and iPads into a septet of party speakers.

Before you even get to starting the app, you’ll need to turn on the Bluetooth of every device. After that’s done, we can actually get to the app. Luckily it’s relatively self-explanatory once it loads.

Whoever is the designated DJ for the night hits the start button to host the streaming session. Meanwhile, everyone else should press the join button and sit pretty as the devices automatically pair with each other—there’s no confirmation code to enter.

TuneMob Main Menu.jpg

You can tell if the devices are connected when the triangle icon on the upper right blinks from gray to white. The one controlling the playlist also gets a number that ticks up to a total of seven iPhones and iPads the app can sync together.

To start playing music, hit the menu button on the upper left and tap through to add music. The app will pop up the built-in Music app (sorry, no Rdio or Spotify integration here) where you can start putting together a playlist for the night. Once you’re done assembling your songs, TuneMob takes you back to the main screen and you can tap play to start broadcasting your tunes.

The app starts a seven second counter to give all the phones and tablets a chance to sync and it works surprisingly well. It was a little amazing to see all of our devices putting out the same song in time. You also don’t have to be worried skipping to the next song or pausing because TuneMob will stop and resynchronize everything.

TuneMob Playlist.jpg

The only problem we ran into was how the app handles particularly large playlists. I had 3,700 songs in total—plenty to crash the app. Also, the fact that you can only look at your upcoming playlist and not skip ahead by tapping on any of the tracks became slightly annoying as we played with the app.

All in all, TuneMob is a free, fun app that’s a pretty cool solution to being speakerless. Despite that TuneMob doesn’t function on devices older than an iPhone 4s or iPad 3, if you can get the maximum of seven iDevices playing at the same time, you’ll be sure to get some attention at your next party.

Kevin Lee is a freelance writer who types all day and listens to his ever-expanding music library. Follow Kevin Lee on Twitter at @baggingspam.

Platform: iOS
Developer: Tune Mob
Price: Free
Download Now: iTunes