Watch the Trailer for MGMT's Forthcoming Album

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Watch the Trailer for MGMT's Forthcoming Album

MGMT, who are set to release their self-titled third album in just two weeks, have released a trailer for the new record.

MGMT, is the band’s follow-up to 2010’s Congratulations. In an interview with Rolling Stone earlier this week, it was revealed that the new album is “weirder” and “heavier” than previous releases.

Today, the band has released a six-minute trailer that includes samples of unreleased tracks along with the first single “Your Life Is A Lie.” In the video, frontman Andrew VanWyngarden starts off in his home somewhere in the jungle, gets attacked by a possum, and heads to band practice where the group rehearses a previously unheard track. The video takes an unexpected turn when it’s revealed that the NSA is spying on the band, discovering that extraterrestrial beings referred to as the “Reptoids” have heard the new MGMT album and are now heading to Earth. See what happens in the rest of the trailer below.

MGMT is out September 17th via Columbia.