M.I.A. Releases New Lyric Video for "Come Walk With Me"

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After numerous clips and snippets of the track had been circulating online for weeks, a complete version of M.I.A’s “Come Walk With Me” was finally released on Tuesday. We now have a new video to go along with the psychedelic slow-jam.

M.I.A.’s long-awaited album Matangi is due for a November release, but fans almost got it a few months early. At the beginning of August, M.I.A threatened to leak the album if her label kept dragging out the release date “If Interscope takes longer I can always leak this next week and make a new one by the time they are ready,” she said on Twitter.

The animated video for “Come Walk With Me” features a series of clips that focus on relationships between various gods/goddesses and humans. The trippy video also contains the lyrics to the song.

Matangi is set for a Nov. 5 release via Interscope.

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