New Android OS to be Named KitKat

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New Android OS to be Named KitKat

For Android users, the name KitKat will soon mean something more than just the chocolate chocolate candy bar. Android 4.4, the latest iteration of the popular mobile operating system, will be called KitKat, Verge reports.

Sundar Pichai, who heads both Android and Google Chrome, has confirmed the name choice. Google, who owns the Android family of operating systems, has a tradition of naming its mobile operating systems after popular desserts.

In an interview with the BBC, John Lagerling, director of Android partnerships, states that the company chose to change the name to KitKat from its original Key Lime Pie. This decision came after executives realized that “very few people actually know the taste of a key lime pie.”

A Google employee suggested the name KitKat because the chocolate-y treat was apparently a favorite amongst coders who worked for Android.

Pichai also announced that the company will have some sweet promotions to celebrate the partnership between Android and Nestle, the company that manufactures KitKat bars.

Those who buy specially marked packages of KitKat bars will have the chance to win either a free Nexus 7 phone, Google Play credit or KitKat bar in the shape of an Android robot.