iOS 7 Users Reporting Motion Sickness, Vertigo

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Apple’s much anticipated operating system update, iOS 7, isn’t just causing a buzz on Twitter: it’s also causing dizziness and nausea among some iOS users.

Citing various Apple product forums, The Huffington Post reports that some users have reported at least one of the following symptoms: nausea, motion sickness, vertigo (feeling like you or your surroundings are spinning when in fact you’re actually stationary) and headaches, after using the newly released iOS 7.

iOS 7, the newest operating system for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch was released last Wednesday and according to the time-stamps on the complaints posted on Apple’s discussion board, users began reporting their symptoms within hours of downloading the new OS.

The users mostly attribute their symptoms to the following features of iOS 7: the zoom animations that occur when users navigate in and out of apps and folders, extreme variations in screen brightness and iOS 7’s most novel feature, a 3D parallax effect on the home and lock screens of iOS devices that makes it look like there’s another layer beneath when your apps when you tilt your device.

It doesn’t look like that the users affected will be able to get rid of iOS 7 in favor of an earlier OS either, though The Huffington Post did mention ways to decrease the amount of nausea-inducing movement on your phone.

If the zooming feature is what is making you feel sick, you may be out of luck unless you can downgrade to iOS 6, which is proving to be increasingly difficult now that Apple has ceased “signing” older operating systems with the digital signatures required to install the OS back onto your phone, according to

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