TV on the Radio Releases Stop-Motion Video For "Mercy"

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TV on the Radio Releases Stop-Motion Video For "Mercy"

Although the band has yet to announce a full album, its continuous activity suggests that something new might be on the way. The group announced earlier this year that they had parted ways with their former label Interscope, and would be releasing new material on band member/guitarist Dave Sitek’s new label Federal Prism.

TV on the Radio  continues to unload new material with the release of the new video for “Mercy.” The track is one of two released this summer, along with “Million Miles.”

Directed by Dawn Garcia, the video for “Mercy” was produced as part of Myspace’s Music Video Collaborations With Artists We Like series. The partnership between Myspace and Tv on the Radio is the first for the new segment. The band released the first video for the series with their track “Million Miles” last week. In “Mercy,” Garcia uses mostly stop-motion techniques and miniature replicas to follow the story of a young meteorite’s harrowing journey to Earth.

Check out the video for “Mercy” via Rolling Stone