Watch the Bizarre Trailer for Thomas Pynchon's New Book Bleeding Edge

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Watch the Bizarre Trailer for Thomas Pynchon's New Book <i>Bleeding Edge</i>

The Penguin Press released a trailer for Thomas Pynchon’s forthcoming novel Bleeding Edge, which is set to be released in just under two weeks.

Pynchon is best known for his 1974 novel Gravity’s Rainbow. However, details of his latest work have been sparse apart from a press release The Penguin Press released in their Fall 2013 preview catalogue.

According to the press release, Bleeding Edge takes place in 2001 New York City “in the lull between the collapse of the dot-com boom and the terrible events of September 11th.”

The novel tells the story of Maxine Tarnow, an Upper West Sider who makes her living investigating small-scale con artists.

The Bleeding Edge trailer, which clocks in at around five minutes, features a character named Sleazus, an “Upper West Side staple” who claims to be “like Karl Rove, but more liberal…and Jewish.” Sleazus takes us through New York City as he runs various errands, all the while monologuing about himself and wearing a shirt that declares, “Hi, I’m Tom Pynchon.”

According to The Penguin Press, the video was produced by a company called Riz Sauvage Productions that doesn’t seem to actually exist, The AV Club points out.

Watch the trailer below. Bleeding Edge is set for a Sept. 17 release.