Yahoo Unveils New Logo

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Yahoo Unveils New Logo

Yahoo unveiled its new logo today in a post on the company’s Tumblr page.

The logo will begin to appear across sites associated with Yahoo tonight, according to Kathy Savitt, the Chief Marketing Officer for the web company.

The new design features an updated typeface but keeps the old logo’s bright purple color and exclamation mark. This is the first time the company has updated its logo since 2009.

“We wanted a logo that stayed true to our rooms (whimsical, purple, with an exclamation point) yet embraced the evolution of our products,” Savitt wrote in the Tumblr post.

The company tweaked its logo as part of its “30 days of change” challenge, which it announced last month. During the challenge, Yahoo posted a new logo on its website, Tumblr page, Twitter account, as well as its Facebook page. Users were able to vote on the designs they liked each day using an online poll.

The company also released a short video showcasing the creative process behind the new logo. Take a look below.

Update: Yahoo’s updated logo has received less-than-enthusiastic reactions on social media. However, a site popped up yesterday that allows users to have a bit of fun with the logo, Fast Company reports.

Bertrand Fan, whose Tumblr page indicates that he is an engineer at Flickr, created a website that allows users to change any text so that it resembles the style of the new Yahoo logo.

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