David Bowie Releases List of His 100 Favorite Books

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David Bowie Releases List of His 100 Favorite Books

The curators of David Bowie’s upcoming Ontario, Canada exhibition titled David Bowie… Is have revealed a list of 100 books that Bowie considers his favorite. The list was delivered by the singer’s archivist, according to The Independent, and it includes a comprehensive list of recent and classic works that are entirely apropos considering Bowie’s multifarious personalities and influences. Art Gallery of Ontario curator Geoffrey Marsh told The Independent that Bowie is a “voracious reader” who is capable of reading a book every day. Whether Bowie actually does so might be a different story.

“The idea that he sits down and reads every book cover to cover, I don’t think that’s what he does,” Marsh also told Canadian literature magazine Quill & Quire. “I think he’s more interested in ideas … he is the ultimate postmodernist, sampling stuff even before postmodernism arrived.”

You can check out the list of Bowie’s favorite books, which include A Clockwork Orange by Anthony Burgess, Iliad by Homer, Herzog by Saul Bellow and On the Road by Jack Kerouac, over at The Independent.