Entertainment Company AEG Not Liable For Michael Jackson's Death

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Entertainment Company AEG Not Liable For Michael Jackson's Death

After a 21-week trial, the jury in the lawsuit between Michael Jackson’s family and entertainment company AEG has ruled the company was not responsible for Jackson’s death.

Jackson’s family originally filed the lawsuit back in 2010, a year after the pop singer had died. Jackson’s siblings and mother Katherine were seeking around $2 billion in damages in lost revenue. AEG had hired Jackson on for a giant comeback tour that was set to begin in the summer of 2009. Shortly before the tour began, Jackson died of an overdose of surgical anesthetic propofol.

Jackson’s doctor Conrad Murray is currently serving his two-year sentence in prison for involuntary manslaughter. According to the jury, there was no doubt AEG had hired Murray, but he was considered a competent professional that showed no signs of having an inability to perform his duties as a physician.

“I am pleased that the jury recognized that this lawsuit was without merit, and the entire AEG family looks forward to putting this unfortunate chapter behind us,” said AEG president and CEO Dan Beckerman in a press release.