Ed Helms Working on Animated Comedy Series

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Ed Helms Working on Animated Comedy Series

Ed Helms, former star of The Office and principle Wolf Pack member in the Hangover, continues his busy 2013 with yet another planned television project. According to Deadline, NBC has given a presentation order to Mystery Island, an animated comedy co-written and starring the voice of Helms himself. The network has been aggressively pushing for more animation in its comedy lineup, which it has neglected since it ended the short-lived 2004 series Father of the Pride.

For Helms, Mystery Island is another in a long list of planned TV projects that also include a rumored ABC comedy, an NBC comedy written by Aisha Muharrar and the creation of his own production company Pacific Electric Picture Co.

Helms will write Mystery Island alongside Graham Wagner, former writer and producer of The Office. The general plot of the new animated comedy involves a very Gilligan-esque framework in which vacationers are stranded on an island after their cruise goes awry. Helms’ Pacific Electric Picture Co. has a first-look deal for the project.