Film Based on Silk Road Website is Already in the Works

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Film Based on Silk Road Website is Already in the Works

There could soon be another movie to add alongside The Fifth Estate to Hollywood’s growing list of Internet-based dramas, says Deadline. Best-selling author Dennis Lehane may soon write a script about the quasi-legal online marketplace Silk Road, the recently seized website that created an outlet for anonymous sales of hard drugs, weapons and just about everything between. Chernin Entertainment and 20th Century Fox are reported to be behind the script’s development.

Lehane wrote Shutter Island, Mystic River and Gone Baby Gone, which have all been adapted to the big screen. His story will likely find inspiration from a bit of long-form journalism written by Joshua Davis, who wrote a fact-based piece earlier this year describing how the secret website was often used to find hit-men for hire and commit assassinations.

The biggest challenge for a proposed Silk Road movie would have to be the fact that its full story hasn’t even played out yet. The FBI arrested the site’s alleged founder Ross William Ulbricht on charges of murder for hire and narcotics trafficking, so this story probably won’t be told for quite some time. Nevertheless keep your eyes peeled—there could always be the possibility of a Kim Dotcom flick right around the corner, too.