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Paste is excited to announce the addition of six new section editors and assistant editors to our roster. In preparation for an expansion of coverage in the areas of music, movies, TV, comedy, games, books, comics, design, fashion, tech and drinks, Paste welcomes the following people to our editorial team:

• Ryan Bort – Comedy editor
• Graham Averill – Drink editor
• Luke Larsen – Tech editor
• Frannie Jackson – Assistant book editor
• Shelley Brown – Assistant design editor
• Maddy Myers – Assistant games editor

In addition, assistant movies editor Michael Burgin will be expanding his role to cover TV, as well. To pitch artists, products or story ideas, you can reach our editorial staff at the following emails:

Josh Jackson – Editor-in-chief –

Bonnie Stiernberg – Music editor –
Tyler Kane – News/New Band editor”:mailto://
Shane Ryan – Staff Writer
Dacey Orr – Multi-media editor –
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Michael Dunaway – Movies editor –
Michael Burgin – Assistant movies editor –
Shane Ryan – Staff Writer
Tim Grierson – Chief Film Critic
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Bonnie Stiernberg – TV editor –
Michael Burgin – Assistant movies editor –
Shane Ryan – Staff Writer
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Ryan Bort – Comedy editor –
Shane Ryan – Staff Writer
Follow paste_comedy on Twitter.

Garrett Martin – Games editor –
Maddy Myers – Assistant games editor –
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Charles McNair – Books editor –
Sean Edgar – Comics editor –
Frannie Jackson – Assistant books editor –
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Laura Medina – Design editor –
Shelley Brown – Assistant design editor –
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Luke Larsen – Tech editor –
Tyler Kane – News editor –
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Graham Averill – Drink editor –
Josh Jackson – Editor-in-chief/Beer writer –
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