Artist Creates Street Art Typography From Cheez Whiz, Nutella, Toothpaste

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In her aptly named guerrilla art series “Pro Bono Promo,” Canadian-based photographer and artist Dorota Pankowska creates street art featuring the logos of various brands made from the product they advertise.

“The name came from poking fun at the fact that this almost looks like free advertising for the companies – with free samples included,” says the artist on her blog.

Walls and surfaces in Brampton, Ontario are Pankowska’s canvases. She created tags for the likes of Cheez Whiz, Colgate, Sharpie, Nutella, French’s, Gillette and Miracle Whip. Her considerably ephemeral work fades fast (some faster than others), as toothpaste and cheese spread are quickly consumed by the elements.

Fast Company dubbed her the “Food Banksy” and if you’re quick, you can probably catch a few of her tags before they’ve been washed away.

Via: Fast Company