The Walking Dead Releases Three-Part Webisode Series

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<i>The Walking Dead</i> Releases Three-Part Webisode Series

If you’ve just been itching for more zombie gore before The Walking Dead makes its fourth season premiere on Oct. 13, you’re in luck. AMC has uploaded a prequel of sorts to the new season titled The Oath, a web series directed by co-executive producer Greg Nicotero which should hold fans over until next Sunday arrives.

In the three-part webisode series, Karina and Paul reach a dilapidated hospital (which is actually the same hospital that Rick first awoke in at the start of the series) after barely surviving a walker attack that left Paul badly injured. Upon arriving to the hospital the two meet a doctor named Gale (played by Ellen Greene), but quickly learn that the doctor has her own terrifying plans for the duo. You can watch all three episodes, which total about 25 minutes in all, in their entirety below: