Twitter Unveils IPO Plans

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Twitter Unveils IPO Plans

Last month, Twitter revealed plans to take the company public via a single Tweet. Now, the social media giant has divulged more detailed plans as it looks toward its upcoming IPO.

Twitter initiated a regulatory filing Thursday afternoon and looks to begin its round of investor meetings at the end of the month. The company aims to complete the offering by Thanksgiving, assuming markets hold steady amid the government shutdown. If the shutdown lasts more than a few weeks, Twitter will most likely postpone its offering until early 2014.

According to USA Today, Twitter has recruited the help of Goldman Sachs to head up the IPO with additional help from Morgan Stanley, JPMorgan, Deutsche Bank, Bank of America and Merrill Lynch.

The success of Twitter’s IPO will be carefully watched by investors after Facebook’s poor performance on the market after its IPO last year. If everything goes according to plan, Twitter shares could start trading as early as mid-November.