Warhammer Quest Expansion Due Today

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<em>Warhammer Quest</em> Expansion Due Today

Sharpen those axes, kids. The Brutal Tribe, Rodeo Games’ latest expansion to their hit iOS board game Warhammer Quest, goes live in the App Store today.

Warhammer Quest was one of Paste’s highest-rated titles this year, a terrific conversion of the Games Workshop tabletop classic. If the first DLC, The Hidden Threat, was any indication, The Brutal Tribe will deliver more satisfying tactical hacking and slashing.

Five bucks will get you The Brutal Tribe, which includes a brand new set of quests, locations, enemies and items. I don’t mean to spoil any plotlines, but I’m guessing the titular Tribe may be a particularly nasty gang of Orcs. Don’t those guys ever relax?

Rodeo’s also offering up a pack of new heroes with the new release. Three dollars apiece will get you the Shadow Warrior, the Bright Wizard and the Ogre Irongut. (Coincidentally, “Irongut” is the title Paste editor-in-chief Josh Jackson earned after polishing off 28 pumpkin beers.) Given how much tactical variety switching characters provides in Warhammer Quest, the heroes could prove a good investment. For players more interested in loot than characters, a Legendary Weapon pack will also be on sale for a dollar.

But wait! There’s more!

The base game is also getting a free update that raises the level cap to 8 and adds new equipment and loot for the plundering. Great news for those of us whose previous adventurers met an untimely demise.