Watch Jon Stewart Bid Farewell to Departing Daily Show Showrunner

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Rory Albanese was hired to work for The Daily Show in 1999, only a few months after Comedy Central first brought in Jon Stewart. Earlier this week, it was announced that Albanese, now an executive producer for the show, plans to leave the show after 14 years to pursue a recent deal with Warner Bros. and to focus on a sitcom he’s developing for CBS. During last night’s “Moment of Zen,” Stewart passed on airing the usual snippet of ridiculousness from Congress (oh, wait…) or Fox News, instead opting to pay homage to Albanese.

Stewart spoke of how Albanese worked his way up from being a PA who dressed like a businessman that brought a portable toilet into Times Square (and used it), to an executive producer who dressed up like Smokey the Bear to complain about the government shutdown. What a long way Albanese has come. Take a look at video of the tribute below.

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