Watch Michael Cera, Jenny Slate Cover Meredith Brooks' "Bitch"

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Michael Cera  has had a longstanding relationship with indie pioneers Nick Thorburn and his band Islands. Cera even played a few gigs with indie super-group Mister Heavenly comprised of Man Man’s Honus Honus, Modest Mouse’s Joe Plummer and Nick Thorburn, back in 2011.

In promotion for Island’s new album Ski Mask, Cera recently appeared in a “”mockumentary about Islands alongside Bill Hader. Cera plays a former Islands bandmate and Hader plays the band’s former manager.

In a new promotional video, Thorburn and former Islands drummer Luc Laurent team up with Michael Cera and comedian Jenny Slate to cover Meredith Brooks’ “”Bitch. The video filters between candid shots of the group and live, “vintage” footage of the performance from “Molly And The Daves.” As you’ll notice, the group’s interpretation cuts off at a pretty convenient spot.

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