Watch the Trailer for Metastasis, the Spanish-Language Breaking Bad

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Watch the Trailer for <i>Metastasis</i>, the Spanish-Language <i>Breaking Bad</i>

It’s only been a few days since the finale, but many of us are still wandering the world aimlessly, wondering what to do now that Breaking Bad is over. Is it even worth living without the adventures of Walter White to look forward to every Sunday? Should we try cooking meth to bring some of that excitement back to our lives? Maybe even give Low Winter Sun a chance?

No, that may be going too far…

But instead of doing something drastic, how about we just start all over? Thankfully Colombia has decided to do just that with Metastasis, a Spanish-language remake of Breaking Bad for Univision.

Metastasis features Diego Trujilo as Walter Blanco (awesome) and Roberto Urbina will play Jose instead of Jesse. Besides a few name changes (Skyler becomes Cielo, Hank is Henry), seemingly the only other difference is that instead of the RV that Walt and Jesse used to cook meth in the early seasons of Breaking Bad, Mr. Blanco and Jose will be driving around in an old school bus.

It may not look as great as the Vince Gilligan original, but guys, it’s all we’ve got left.