Yeasayer Unveils New "Glass of the Microscope" Video

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Yeasayer Unveils New "Glass of the Microscope" Video

Yeasayer  tears a page straight out of a sci-fi script for its latest video, “Glass of the Microscope.” The building featured in the video is actually the tower of Naturalis in Leiden, Holland’s largest collection of natural history. Therefore, preserved animals featured in the video are 100 percent real—and 100 percent creepy.

The video made its premiere today on WIRED, where director Ruben van Leer explained the reasoning behind the filming location:

“For a moment, among these scientific objects, we felt the entire history of the city,” said van Leer. “We wanted to fuse that history with ideas of an evolutionary future. After technology saves the world — as Silicon Valley wants us to believe — what then?”

Check the video out above.