Red Hook to Release Marijuana-Inspired Beer in Washington

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Red Hook Brewery has released a marijuana-inspired ale in collaboration with fellow Seattle brewery Hilliard’s Beer. Joint Effort (get it?!) is brewed with hemp seeds and dry hopped with Zeus, Cascade and Summit hops. The result is a sessionable ale, low on the hop and alcohol scale (25 IBU’s, 5.6 percent ABV).

The beer was brewed in honor of the recent legalization of marijuana in Washington State. Though Red Hook and Hilliard’s use hemp in the brewing process, the beer has no THC, so you don’t have to worry about failing a urine test or having the uncontrollable urge to play videogames for six hours while eating an entire bag of FunYons. Mmmm, Funyons. Currently, you can only get Joint Effort in Washington State. Even if you don’t dig the beer, you’ve got to appreciate the snazzy tap handle (pictured here). Cue Cypress Hill’s “Hits from the Bong.”

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