Bell's Plans to Can Popular Beers

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Bell's Plans to Can Popular Beers

Craft beer lovers rejoice: Bell’s Brewery is planning to start canning their two favorite beers, Two Hearted Ale and Oberon Ale. Look for the 16-ounce four-packs of aluminum goodness in all of Bell’s markets starting in April, 2014.

The cans will be the product of Bell’s recent expansion, which added twelve 800-barrel fermenters to their Comstock Brewery. Bell’s plans on canning their popular seasonal offerings throughout 2014 as well, including the sessionable Winter White Ale and Best Brown Ale.

Bell’s will be the latest in a long line of craft brewers to turn to the can, citing portability and environmental responsibility at the root of the decision. But mainly, craft brewers are turning to cans because crushing beer bottles against your head is painful.

Go tell Bell’s how excited you are about their cans.