Bruce Springsteen to Release New Single Next Week

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Bruce Springsteen to Release New Single Next Week

There’s a new single coming from Bruce Springsteen on Nov. 25, according to the Boss’ Twitter page.

After rumors began coming in about a possible release this week, Springsteen confirmed the news today that he will be releasing the single “High Hopes” next week. Originally recorded as a b-side for his 1996 EP Blood Brothers, Springsteen brought the cover back into his setlist for his 2013 Wrecking Ball tour in Australia.

During that tour, Springsteen was joined by Rage Against the Machine guitarist Tom Morello who was subbing in for E Street member Steve Van Zandt. Morello, who was featured on Wrecking Ball tracks “Jack of All Trades” and “This Depression,” also spent some time at a recording studio with Springsteen in Sydney while the two were in Australia.

“We’ve never had a recording session during a tour in our lives. We did a couple of things that I wanted to put down,” Springsteen told Rolling Stone. “So that was very exciting. And being with Tommy was exciting.”

No word yet on whether Morello will be featured on this recording. Check out a video of the Boss performing “High Hopes” in Sydney.