Bud Light Plans Themed Hotel for Superbowl

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Bud Light Plans Themed Hotel for Superbowl

Bigger, badder, floatier…Bud Light has announced it will turn one of the largest cruise ships ever built into a temporary Bud Light-themed hotel for the 2014 Superbowl at New Jersey’s Met Life Stadium.

The beer behemoth has partnered with Norwegian Cruise Lines to offer lodging and host a series of parties and concerts for Superbowl weekend. According to USA Today, the hotel will be 10 times larger than previous Bud Light Hotels, with the capacity to host 4,000 sleepover guests. That’s a lot of people puking cheap beer over the bow into the Hudson River.

The ship is currently being constructed in Germany. When it’s done, it’ll boast 22 bars, venues for Broadway shows, and a killer slip and slide. For Superbowl weekend, Bud Light will brand its logo on everything that’s not tied down throughout the ship, including the tiny shampoo bottles, which is absolutely adorable.