Catching Fire Dominates Box Office with $150M Weekend

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<i>Catching Fire</i> Dominates Box Office with $150M Weekend

Apparently things aren’t so bad in District 12 after all. After its first weekend in theaters, industry estimates now have The Hunger Games: Catching Fire earning somewhere near $150 million since its wide release on Nov. 22. Lionsgate’s film adaptation of the Suzanne Collins trilogy’s second installment will be the biggest November opener on record, says Variety. The film’s midnight showings on Thursday pulled on $25.3 million alone, and has already surpassed the first film’s figures by 5 percent.

An even more interesting statistic is that of early exit poll data, which suggests that the gender gap among audiences has shrunk from the first Hunger Games film. Male attendance was 12 percent greater this time around and represented 41 percent of theater-goers. No doubt the secret is out at this point that Hunger Games adaptations happen to make for some pretty good date movies.

Some film industry optimists had originally thought that Catching Fire could surpass Iron Man 3-type numbers in its opening weekend. The superhero sequel scored the second-biggest domestic opening weekend ever at $175.3 million, which was second only to the $207.4 million premiere of last year’s fellow Marvel’s The Avengers.