Footage Released from Lou Reed's Final Interview

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Footage Released from Lou Reed's Final Interview

October marked a somber month in the history of music, drawing to a close with the death of rock icon Lou Reed.

However, Reed’s legacy continues with the recent release of his last interview, taken on September 21st with Farida Khelfa. Khelfa interviewed Reed as part of a photo shoot for Parrot, a company whose Parrot Zik headphones Reed had helped develop.

“I know the way I like things to sound,” Reed remarked when Khelfa asked him about the qualities he enjoys most through various types of headphones. “I wouldn’t want to hear Beethoven without beautiful bass, the cellos, the tuba. It’s very important. Hip-hop has thunderous bass. And so does Beethoven. If you don’t have bass, it’s like being amputated. It’s like you have no legs.”

Though the interview took place only a month before his death, the 71-year-old answered Khelfa’s questions with characteristic frankness on topics ranging from the reasons he became a musician, his opinion on CDs and his relationship with his father.

Check out footage of the interview above. (via Rolling Stone).