Eddie Murphy Reveals Why There Was Never a Coming America Sequel on The Arsenio Hall Show

Comedy News Eddie Murphy
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Eddie Murphy  went on TV last night. That’s already news, but the bigger story is that he and Arsenio Hall revealed why a second Coming To America never happened. Sure, the overall plot of the first movie wraps up pretty neatly. (FUN FACT: Shari Headley’s Twitter bio is just “?Princess Of Zamunda.”) But what becomes of that McDowell’s franchise in Long Island City? Does Darryl make good on the “Soul Glo” legacy? Does the royal penis remain more or less clean? (Oh, and they also could have made a sequel to make crazy money.)

Watch the Arsenio interview for the legal, financial and getting-approached-in-the-club-by-African-princes ramifications that kept Murphy and Hall from signing on for a sequel. While you’re at it, marvel at how both of them spent the last 25 years not…aging…a…day.

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